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The most entertaining and most comprehensive way for YOU to learn to become a pilot! Look, read and learn as one of aviation's master teachers and witty educators takes you from beginner to private pilot and beyond. Rod's fast-paced, fully illustrated books teach everything you need to know to pass your FAA exam AND become a confident pilot. Each book is packed with aviation knowledge, and the illustrations make learning easy AND fun. Visit Rod's Web site at www.rodmachado.com and learn more about his books, videotapes and audio tape products.

Visit Rod Machado's Web site

Rod Machado's Books

Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook (572 pages and over 1,100 original illustrations and photos) is the beginner's introduction to the exciting world of flying. Have fun while learning to pass the FAA exam. $34.95

Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook helps you prepare for the FAA test. Contains 1,811 questions cross-referenced to the Private Pilot Handbook. It's an essential companion. $24.95

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Survival Manual (424 pages) helps you become an instrument-rated pilot. $34.95

Rod Machado’s Plane Talk helps you better understand the human factors related to flying and flight safety. $29.95 Read more about these books

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook on Audio CD!

Welcome to your instructor in an audiobook. Written by veteran ground and flight instructor Rod Machado, this audiobook is presented in a warm, conversational manner and spiced with humor. Rod's tried and true methods of instruction, honed through more than 30 years of teaching experience, have achieved exceptional results with thousands of aviation students. Now you can enjoy Rod’s popular Private Pilot Handbook during your daily commute, or at home in the comfort of your own chair. Play these CDs to learn or review important concepts during those otherwise wasted hours that many of us spend driving. As one pilot said, “I felt like I had a flight instructor right there in the car with me.” While you can listen to the first eight chapters of the book without referring to the text, you’ll still want to use the actual Private Pilot Handbook as a reference for reviewing pictures, graphs and many of the incidental ASRS stories scattered throughout the text. This exciting new CD is the key to learning faster and better, while maximizing use of your scarce time. Don't waste a minute. Order TODAY, and start listening to Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook. $149.95 Read more about these books

Rod Machado’s DVD Series

With Defensive Flying you'll learn about acknowledging your own limitations and aviation's psychological predators. You'll listen to an actual hair-raising in-flight emergency as two professional pilots exercise one of the most important skills in Defensive Flying. Aviation Humor will have you laughing along with over 2,000 pilots as Rod delights and entertains his audience with some of the best of his aviation stories. IFR Flying will teach you a unique, multistep instrument scan, single-pilot IFR cockpit management, how to really use the approach lighting system, techniques to make safe IFR departures, a two-step method for flying NDB approaches and much more. $29.95 each Read more about these videos

The Best of Rod Machado Live on 14 Audio CDs

These unique audio CDs contain 12.5 hours of aviation material recorded live before pilot groups across the country with Machado at his best. Using his trademark Laugh & Learn style, Rod entertains his audience as he teaches. Originally recorded as two six-cassette tape volumes, Rod has combined 10 of the best live recordings from the original Laugh and Learn series and added four additional live recordings to produce this exciting 14-disc boxed set. These recordings include CDs from Rod's popular seminar on handling in-flight emergencies, as well as his latest programs on defensive flying, the art of flying and the nonpilot's guide to landing an airplane. And if you like to laugh then you'll find three CDs containing Rod's funniest standup aviation humor. Now you can laugh and learn while driving in your car or sitting in your lounge chair in the comfort of your own home. What else will you learn? Take a look at the disc contents below. 14CD Album - $99.95 Read more about these videos

Speaking of Flying

This wonderful 438-page hardbound book was written by 44 pilots who are speakers with The Aviation Speakers Bureau. These funny, dramatic, and inspiring stories are some of aviation's finest tales. You would expect nothing less from aviation's celebrities, experts and specialists. Our flight plan takes us barnstorming in the U.S., flying aerial combat missions in World War II and Vietnam, test-piloting new aircraft, performing air rescue, winging to exotic places, and flying to historically important aviation places from Kitty Hawk to the Moon. You will go along as history is being made and hear the pilot's perspective on some of these aviation firsts. You will find ACES and true heroes within these pages. Speaking of Flying is your ticket to adventure. Step aboard, and be prepared to laugh, cry, and feel the excitement. $19.95 Read more about this book