Lesson 1: Boeing 737 Checkout

How to Land after an ILS Instrument Approach

Follow the ILS Approach and Landing profile.

Action Key / Control

Initial Segment of Approach

Begin approach at or below 10,000 feet.
Airspeed slowed to at or below 200 knots indicated.
Set flaps to 1. Press F7.
Set power to between 50 and 52 percent N1.(Pitch attitude for level flight will be 5 to 6 degrees nose up.) Advance throttle (press F3).
Reduce throttle (press F2).
Complete approach checklist. (During descent planning, determined target speeds and flap settings.)

Intercept for final approach course heading (20 degrees to 45 degrees off final approach course)

Set flaps to 5.
Set power between 53 and 55 percent N1.
Press F7 until flap gauge points to 5.
Pitch between 5 and 6 degrees for level flight.
Target speed: 170 knots
Look for localizer movement on CDI.
If cleared for the approach, arm the APR button autopilot mode on the Mode Control Panel (MCP) if using autopilot.

"Glide Slope Alive"

Gear down
Set flaps to 15. Press F7 until flap gauge points to 15.
If necessary for extended level flight: set power to between 62 and 64 percent N1. Advance throttle (press F3).
Reduce throttle (press F2).
Target speed: 160 knots

Just before VASI or Glide Slope intercept ("One dot low" on the glide slope)

Set flaps to 30. Press F7 until flap gauge points to 30.
Set power between 53 and 58 percent N1
Set pitch between 0 degrees and 2 degrees nose up.
Descend at 800 fpm (feet per minute) once established on the VASI or glide slope.
Target speed: Use appropriate Vref speed for your weight (or use 150 knots when using default Flight Simulator settings).

At Glide Slope Intercept

Flaps are at 30.
Power should be in the range of 53 to 58 percent N1.
Target speed should be slowed to 150 to 155 knots Advance throttle (press F3).
Reduce throttle (press F2).
Set pitch at 0 degrees.
Establish a 700-to-800-fpm descent now on the glide slope.
Maintain localizer and glide slope.
Maintain airspeed within +10 knots or -5 knots.

Crossing the Threshold

Smoothly reduce power to idle.
Gradually pitch up to 3 degrees nose up.
Touch down and remain on the centerline
Apply reverse thrust. Press and hold F2.
Apply brakes if Autobrakes were not set. Press the PERIOD (.) key.
Disengage thrust reversers Press F1.