Lesson 1: Boeing 737 Checkout

Boeing 737–800 Takeoff Procedures


  • Select aircraft: Boeing 737–800.
  • Select a starting airport with sufficient runway.
  • Press CTRL+SEMICOLON (;) at any time to reset the flight. This is useful for practicing repeated takeoffs without having to use Create a Flight each time.
  • Press P to pause and again to resume the flight.
Action Key / Control

On the Runway

Line up on the runway centerline.
Set flaps to 5. Press F7 three times or until flap gauge points to 5.
Add power to approximately 40 to 50 percent N1. Advance throttle (press F3).
Release brakes. Press the PERIOD (.) key.
Set takeoff power to 95 percent N1. Advance throttle (press F3).
Speed 154 knots (indicated); "Rotate" Pull back on stick.
Pitch up to 20 degrees nose up (at a rate of 3 degrees per second).
When positive rate: "Gear Up"
(Positive rate is when both the Vertical Speed Indicator and Altimeter show a positive increase.)
Press G.

Reaching 1,000 Feet AGL

"Flaps up" (Your speed should be at least 180 knots at this point.) Press F5 for full retraction; press F6 for incremental retraction.
Set climb power to 90 percent N1. Reduce throttle (press F2).
Lower pitch to 15 degrees nose up.
Target Airspeed: 200 knots

Climbing through 2,500 Feet

Reduce pitch to between 10 and 12 degrees nose up and accelerate to 250 knots.

Remaining in the Traffic Pattern

Pitch to 5 degrees nose up, and level off at 3,000 AGL.
Reduce power to 40 to 45 percent N1. Reduce throttle (press F2).
Keep speed at or below 200 knots. Adjust power as necessary.
Turn left to the downwind heading using a 25 to 30 degrees bank (180 degrees from takeoff heading).

Climbing through 10,000 Feet to Cruise Altitude

Reduce pitch to 6 degrees; Accelerate to between 280 and 310 knots.
When reaching your target speed: increase pitch to 9 degrees to 10 degrees nose up and maintain that speed.

Leveling Off at Cruise Altitude

At 1,000 feet before target altitude reduce rate of climb to 1,500 fpm.
100 feet before your target altitude, reduce pitch to 2 degrees nose up.
Simultaneously reduce power to 70 to 72 percent N1. Reduce throttle (press F2).
Trim elevator for level flight. Press Num Pad 7 to trim down; press Num Pad 1 to trim up.