Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

Most commercial airline pilots who fly jets have an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. This is the pinnacle in acquiring your Flight Simulator aviator skills. Learn how to fly in the Boeing 737–800 jet. It takes some dedication and commitment, but the rewards are worth it. Up for the challenge? Follow these steps:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Lesson 1: Jet checkout

Take off from Seattle-Tacoma International airport. Climb to 12,000 feet, perform some turns, descend back toward Seattle, and land at the same airport from which you departed.

Lesson 2: Descents and energy management

Starting at Flight Level 280 (28,000 feet), plan your descent to cross the Paine VOR at precisely 8,000 feet. It takes planning and constant calculating to take a fast moving jet from cruise flight to the approach phase of the flight.

Lesson 3: Full ILS approach

Fly a full ILS approach, which includes a course reversal maneuver called a procedure turn. Combining the complexities of the approach, bad weather, and a busy cockpit make this a challenging lesson.

ATP solo flights

To help you prepare for your checkride, practice the skills the examiner will be looking for during the flight. The solo flights will help you develop your takeoff, landing, descent, and instrument approach skills.

ATP Checkride

Put all the ATP skills together in a flight from Portland, Oregon to Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. You'll takeoff, climb to cruise altitude, plan your descent, and fly a full ILS approach into Boeing field. The weather will present challenges, as will all the Boeing 737 cockpit duties. When you pass this checkride, you'll receive the Flight Simulator ATP certificate.