Commercial Pilot Certificate

Commercial training focuses on advanced flight maneuvers. This set of lessons moves you up to a new class of aircraft. Operating a complex aircraft and more precise flying skills is the theme for this set of lessons. Using advanced equipment is important also, so becoming familiar with how to operate the GPS is an essential skill to bring to these lessons. After passing the Flight Simulator Commercial Pilot Checkride, you'll be ready to try flying more advanced aircraft. That journey begins with these steps:

Commercial Pilot

Lesson 1: Complex aircraft checkout

Learn to fly with more precision in the Beechcraft Baron 58. While this and the other Commercial Pilot lessons do not specifically teach multi-engine flying skills, they do require you to fly a more complicated aircraft. Stepping up from the Cessna 172 to the Baron requires you to learn how to control the power and propeller (it's not just a throttle any more), retractable landing gear, and cowl flaps.

Lesson 2: Shortfield takeoff and landing

It takes precise flying to takeoff in the Beechcraft Baron 58 from a short runway, clear obstacles at the end of the runway, fly a non-standard traffic pattern, and land on that same short runway. Here's where you'll learn those skills.

Lesson 3: Emergency Procedures

It does not happen often, but engines might fail. Developing the skills to handle a complete power loss in flight will make you a better pilot. Learn how to handle the emergency and get the airplane safely back on the ground.

Commercial Pilot solo flights

Added to practicing emergencies and shortfield operations, you'll have the opportunity to practice crosswind landings. Extensive ground school material precedes the crosswind solo flight.

Commercial Pilot Checkride

To earn your Flight Simulator Commercial Pilot Certificate, you'll demonstrate for the examiner all of the skills learned in the interactive lessons. You will not need to demonstrate crosswind landings, but expect a full flight in the Baron before you earn the certificate.