Instrument Pilot: Checkride

In this checkride, you will demonstrate the skills learned in the Instrument Rating lessons category.


45 minutes


You should complete all instrument Rating lessons and solo flights before starting this checkride.


Expect to encounter changing weather, but most of the flight will occur in cloudy conditions. The winds are light today.



This checkride tests the skills learned in the Instrument lessons. You will follow instructions given to complete a VOR approach, missed approach, holding, and a full ILS approach. If you complete all tasks satisfactorily, you will be awarded with the Flight Sim Instrument Rating certificate.

The examiner will assess your ability to perform a non-precision (VOR) approach to a missed approach, hold at a VOR, perform a procedure turn, and complete an ILS approach in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).

The examiner will expect you to set the NAV and ADF radios to the proper frequencies for the VOR and ILS approaches. You must also set the OBS appropriately. Feel free to pause the simulation if you need extra time to tune radios, or set OBS course or heading bug.

The autopilot is disabled during this checkride.


All key commands used to fly the Cessna 172 in the Instrument Rating lessons.


In this checkride, you're expected to comply with the tolerances listed in the following table. Also, you must not descend below the minimum altitude shown on the chart in each phase of the approach in order to pass this checkride.

Criteria Event Tolerance
Overall Criteria Altitude +/- 100 feet as assigned
Airspeed +/- 10 knots as assigned
Heading +/- 10 degrees as assigned
Course +/- 2 degrees
Section 1 Set up for VOR approach Set NAV1 radio within 30 seconds

Set NAV1 radio to correct frequency

Maintain 066 degree heading to FACTS

Fly VOR approach Intercept 338 degree course

Cross MILLT intersection above 3000 feet

Cross ODD NDB outermarker above 1600 feet

Do not fly below 840 feet on approach

Cross SEA VOR above 840

Execute missed approach Begin climb when prompted

Climb to 2100 feet

Maintain 339 degree course

Cross PARKK intersection

Section 2 Proceed direct to SEA at 3000 feet Turn left
Set up for holding Set NAV1 radio within 30 seconds

Set NAV1 radio to correct frequency

Climb to 3000

Cross SEA VOR on any heading

Enter holding Crosses SEA on 140 degree course inbound

Perform standard rate right turn in holding

Fly 1 minute straight and level

Right turn to intercept 140 degree course inbound


Section 3 Proceed to NOLLA Flies outbound on 326 degree course
Set up for ILS approach Set NAV1 radio within 30 seconds

Set NAV1 radio to correct frequency

Begin ILS Cross NOLLA outer marker

Track localizer outbound

Section 4 Perform procedure turn Turn left to 265 degrees

Fly 60-90 seconds on heading

Turn right to 085 degrees in a standard rate turn

Intercept localizer inbound

Fly ILS approach Stay on localizer

Intercept glideslope

Stay on glideslope

Stay on ILS to 300 feet

Section 5 Land the aircraft Touch down on runway

Come to full stop on runway