Take flying lessons with world-famous instructor Rod Machado.

Rod Machado
Rod Machado is a professional speaker, educator, humorist, author, and highly experienced pilot with over 8,000 hours of teaching experience in airplanes.

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Flying Lessons Overview

Student Pilot
Student Pilot Lessons Overview
Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight
Lesson 2: Turns
Lesson 3: Climbs and Descents
Lesson 4: Slow Flight
Lesson 5: Takeoffs
Lesson 6: Landings
Lesson 7: Your First Solo
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Private Pilot
Private Pilot Lessons Overview
Solo Flight: Taxiing
Lesson 1: Stalls
Lesson 2: Steep Turns
Solo Flight: Steep turns
Lesson 3: VOR Navigation
Lesson 4: The Traffic Pattern
Solo Flight: Traffic Pattern
Lesson 5: Air Traffic Control
Private Pilot Checkride
Instrument Pilot
Instrument Rating Lessons Overview
Solo Flight: Scanning the Instruments
Lesson 1: The VOR Approach
Solo Flight: VOR Approach
Lesson 2: The ILS Approach
Solo Flight: ILS Approach
Lesson 3: Holding Patterns
Solo Flights: Three Ways to Enter Holding
Instrument Rating Checkride
Commercial Pilot
Commercial Pilot Lessons Overview
Lesson 1: Complex Aircraft Checkout
Lesson 2: Shortfield Takeoffs and Landings
Solo Flight: Shortfield Takeoff
Solo Flight: Shortfield Landing
Solo Flight: Crosswind Landing
Lesson 3: Emergency Procedures
Solo Flight: Engine failure
Commercial Pilot Checkride
Airline Transport Pilot
ATP Lessons Overview
Lesson 1: Jet Checkout
Solo Flight: Jet Takeoff
Solo Flight: Jet Landing
Lesson 2: Descents and Energy Management
Solo Flight: Descending from Cruise
Lesson 3: Full ILS Approach
Solo Flight: Full ILS Approach
ATP Checkride